• MS Department of Education: Literacy Focus of the Month – October (Elementary) Vocabulary
    Vocabulary Explicit Routine: In this video, the teacher will demonstrate an explicit vocabulary instructional routine using the weekly read-aloud. This and other strategies that support vocabulary can be found in the October section of the MDE Literacy Focus of the Month Manual.
  • Vocabulary (Reading Rockets)
    This is a series of 31 videos that provide information and strategies for teaching vocabulary. Vocabulary refers to the words children must know to communicate effectively. In school terms, it can be described as oral vocabulary or reading vocabulary. Find out more about effective vocabulary instruction, the relationship between vocabulary and comprehension, and practical ways that parents can introduce new, exciting words to their kids.
  • Tier Two Vocabulary Instruction
    Teacher Neil Hicken uses Marzano’s Six Step Process to teach tier two vocabulary to his middle school students as part of his weekly teaching practice.
Explicit Vocabulary Instruction