Assessments & Diagnostics

Resources: Assessments & Diagnostics

  • MS Department of Education: Literacy Focus of the Month August- Screening & Diagnostics (Data Meeting)
    This Literacy of the Month: Screening & Diagnostics video explains how educators can utilize STAR data to make instructional decisions. The power point gives further information about how to conduct data meetings, which STAR reports to utilize for planning and goal setting, progress monitoring, and data walls.  Model of a data meeting follows the power point.
  • Assessment (The Balanced Literacy Diet)
    Assessing student understanding and providing students with formative feedback on a regular basis is essential to the promotion of student growth and learning. Providing students with accurate feedback also enables them to take responsibility and be accountable for their learning. Videos in this playlist present a variety of ways to incorporate assessment for learning into your literacy program and include teacher conferences, effective recording strategies and assessment techniques.
  • Phonemic Awareness Assessments
    LRI has created these English assessments for Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grade. The assessments were created to inform teachers about a child’s progress with phonemic awareness throughout the school year, and they can be used as a tool for determining where to start the Phonemic Awareness curriculum when implementing the lesson mid-year. The assessments align to the Phonological Awareness Standards of the Common Core State Standards.