Multisensory Spelling Rules Think, Ready, Read: Orton-Gillingham Strategies

Resources: Multi-sensory Spelling Rules Think, Ready, Read: Orton-Gillingham Strategies

  • Multi-sensory Monday – Rabbit Rule
    Students practice when to double the middle consonant when spelling two-syllable words by using their hands or a paper cut-out to make rabbit ears.
  • C or K Spelling Rule- Multi-sensory Monday
    Both c and k can make the same sound at the beginning of a word. How will your students know which letter to use?
    C comes before a, o and u.
    K comes before i, e and y.
  • Multi-sensory Monday- Spelling Rules- Double f, l, s, and z
    Our first one is about -ff, -ll, -ss and -zz (sometimes called the FLOSS Rule).
    F, l, s and z are doubled at the end of a one syllable word with a short vowel. Learn the rule and activities for teaching it to students, including my favorite mnemonic “Sammy Loves Fuzzy Zebras”.
  • 111 Doubling Rule- Multi-sensory Monday
    Learn how to teach students when to double the consonant when adding a suffix.
  • Silent e with Suffixes- Multi-sensory Monday
    “Hide” the silent e when adding a suffix that starts with a vowel.
    Don’t “drop” the e because it’s still there when you read the word.
  • Y Plus a Suffix- Multi-sensory Monday
    When adding a suffix to a word that ends in y, if there is a vowel before the y, KEEP the y; if there is a consonant before the y, CHANGE the y to i (unless the suffix starts with i).
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