Phonological Awareness

  • MS Department of Education: Literacy Focus of the Month – September (Elementary) Phonological Awareness and Phonics
    The literacy focus for September is Phonological Awareness and Phonics.
    Explicit Phonics Routine: In this video segment, the teacher demonstrates the steps of an explicit phonics instructional routine. This and other strategies that support phonological awareness and phonics can be found in the September section of the MDE Literacy Focus of the Month Manual.
  • Michael Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Resources: Hand motions
    Printed resources to use with phonological awareness activities and a video modeling the hand motions to use when segmenting and blending phonemes.
  • Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness: Neuhaus Education Center
    Neuhaus Educational Center’s “Phonological Awareness” video is the second in a three-part training series. It models phonological awareness activities in the order of difficulty.  For example, the first activity is identifying long words and short words then the video moves to clapping and counting the number of syllables. The video continues to move through the levels of difficulty from rhyming, segmenting and blending words, to finally deleting and substituting sounds.
  • REACH Workshop Series: Phonological Awareness
    In this video, REACH classroom teachers model best practices for phonological awareness instruction.
  • Sound Skills Review: Building Up to Phonemic Awareness
    Reviewing various sounds skills including rhyming, syllable identification, and phonemic awareness skills (blending and segmenting individual sounds in words) solidifies students’ understanding of the sound structure of spoken words. (Caution:  The teacher uses phonics at the end of the review by writing letters for the sounds.)